School Library is our Family …

          “The journey of a life time starts with the turning of a page.”      Rachel Anders





Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED



Our School Library has over 25,000 resource materials which consist of a great variety of books, periodicals, examination reference materials and audio visual items.   The book collection contains fiction and non-fiction books for research and reading. Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the author’s surname. Non-fiction books are shelved in numerical order using the Dewey classification system.



  1. Our library is a learning resource center for reading, research and homework.
  2. We must work quietly when we are using the library.
  3. We whisper to show consideration to other library users around us.
  4. We must follow instructions and respect the librarians at all times.
  5. All library Items are to be checked out at the circulation counter and the self check-in Kiosk.
  6. Drinking, eating and playing are not allowed in the library. We must keep the library clean and tidy.
  7. Library computers are used for library catalogue use and research only. Email/Chats/Games are not allowed.


Library Lending Services


  1. Students can borrow up to 3 library items with their student I.D. cards. The student I.D. card is not to be lent or transferred.
  2. Library materials for lending may be borrowed for a period of 14 days.
  3. An overdue fine is imposed on each and every loan item and accompanying library material returned late.  The charge is $1.00 per school day (Maximum penalty: $130.00). You cannot check out any more items until library fines are paid.
  4. Each loan item can be renewed for up to 1 time with a period of 14 days.
  5. If an item is lost or damaged, you will be charged the cost of replacement .You may not check out any more items until library fines are paid or lost books are returned.
  6. Overdue notices will be sent to the Homeroom Teachers. The first notice will be sent 7 days after the due date. After another 7 days, the second notice will be sent. If an item is not returned after a second notice, a payment notice will be sent to the parents to cover the fines or the cost of a replacement copy.


Returning Library Materials

  1. Return all library materials to the Librarian or Student Librarians at the Circulation Counter.
  2. Fill in the Library Check-In Record Sheet at the Circulation Counter. You must enter the following details:


Library Lockers

  1. Keep the School Library Entrance Clear from School Bags.
  2. Place your school bags in the restricted zone for check-in and out of library materials ONLY. Use the School Library Lockers for reading and revision until 5pm.
  3. Borrow the locker key with your Student ID Card at the library counter.
  4. Return the locker key by 4:45 pm after use.
  5. Get back your Student ID Card.
  6. The total no. of lockers is 24.


Photocopying Service

  1. Opening Hours: Recess, Lunch and Afterschool
  2. The photocopying limit is 10 pages for each student during recess and lunch time.
  3. Once the school bell has gone, students should stop making photocopies and return to classroom immediately.